Arcadia Manufacturing has worked with military programs for over 30 years. Our reputation for technology, sector knowledge and rapid response to your needs sets us apart. Arcadia has the capabilities, capacity and expertise to work with large defense-related contracts, including military aircraft, ships, vehicles and armor. Our customer base includes BAE, Plasan NA, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and various arsenals.

Arcadia Manufacturing Defense Programs:

  • HUMVEE Frag 5
  • HUMVEE Gunner Protection Kits
  • HUMVEE Cover Kits
  • MRAP II Frag 6
  • LTAS Components
  • MTVR/Wrecker
  • MRAP Components
  • MRAP Spares
  • John Deere Tram
  • Bradley Tank
  • ILAV Components
  • M939 Upgrades
  • JLTV
  • M-ATV
  • APIM