Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, with no thermal distortion or heat-affected zone.  Materials can be closely nested and sometimes stacked, saving both time and materials, significantly reducing your cost.  Arcadia Manufacturing has the ability to handle anything from one-off custom projects, large productions runs, modifications to existing components and odd shaped blanks.


  • Cut virtually any material up to 8” thick
  • No heat generated / no heat affected zones
  • No mechanical stresses
  • No “scaley” edges, making it easier to produce a high quality weld
  • One tool cuts virtually any shape
  • Narrow kerf removes only a small amount of material
  • Cut near net shapes prior to machining operations
  • Waterjet is a green technology


Arcadia Manufacturing is capable of waterjet cutting virtually any material. A small sample is listed below. Don’t see what you want? Contact us.

Metals Plastics Natural Materials Processed Materials Specialized Materials
Mild Steel Nylon Granite Annealed Glass Composites
Stainless Steel Polyethylene (UHMW) Marble Laminated Glass Carbon Fiber
Hardened Tool Steel Delrin Wood Rubber Kevlar
Titanium Phenolic Stone Vinyl Flooring Bullet-Proof Materials
Invar Acrylic Foam Explosion-Proof Materials
Inconel Teflon Laminates
Copper Tile
Armor Plate

What are Waterjet Cutting Edge Qualities?

Cut edge qualities range from Q1 to Q5. Q1 is the fastest cut and is used primarily for material separation. Depending on edge finish requirements, slower cutting speeds of Q2 through Q5 are selected. Parts requiring close tolerance geometry will of course require smoother edge finishes in that area of the part. (Note: Some other terms also used in the industry to indicate cut speed or edge quality – 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% & 20% or Fastest, Medium fast, Normal, Better & Best).

Multi-Head Waterjet Workstations

  • Large plate capacity allows us to load 300” plates
  • Jet Edge 144″ x 290″, 2 head cutting capabilities
  • Jet Edge 48″ x 144″, 2 head cutting capabilities
  • Progressive 72″ x 96″, single head table

Our two-head machines can reduce both time and labor by nearly 50%. With our large cutting envelopes, part size is not a limitation. This large cutting window gives us the flexibility to choose sheet sizes that allow for better nests, leading to more parts per sheet, and less scrap.